If you are interested in buying bank notes from us follow the following steps:

  1. Send an email or use the form below with a list of banknotes you wish to purchase only by Country and Product Code. The Product Code is listed for all E-Worldbanknotes on the various catalogue pages. Here is an example:
    Namibia P191
    South Africa P254

    It is important to put each banknote Code on a separate line. In addition to providing your name and address, no other information is required. If you require more than 1 piece of a note, please indicate that beside the product code. i.e: 10 x Namibia P191

  2. Once your email order has been received, you will receive a reply email with an invoice. The invoice will advise which banknotes are in stock and on a 30 day hold. Print off your confirmed email attachment and send payment to us. Your invoice will display an order ID number, please write this number on the back of your cheque.
  3. Once you have mailed payment, your banknotes will be sent within a few weeks on receipt of payment.